Joel Presents at the 2012 DEMA Show

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At this year’s DEMA Show, Joel presented at the Image Resource Center on how to capture great underwater video with compact cameras. Fab turnout with all seats filled!

Shoal of Scad in Bonaire, Selected for Prestigious Two-Day Film Exhibition!

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SDUFEX – San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition has just published its program for 2012. Congratulations to Joel for having his short film, Shoal Of Scad In Bonaire, selected for this prestigious two-day film exhibition! And congratulations to our many friends who have also been selected!

Breaking The Rules… Using Video Lights With Magic Filter

UWPMag, an on-line magazine for underwater photographers, published an article by Joel in their Issue 67. In the article, Joel discusses how he uses the popular GoPro video camera underwater with Magic Filter AND video lights (once thought taboo) with excellent results. Further, he discusses how the GoPro has the capacity to take very good quality still images also using the Magic Filter and video lights. Sometimes it pays to break the rules!